Saturday, February 9, 2013

What to do now that your Persnickety Lucille Dress is too short...

So if you are anything like me, and if you are reading this you probably are, you immediately pre-ordered the Persnickety Lucille Dress the second that you saw it, not realizing it had about as much length as a College Cheerleaders skirt, used it once this fall for pictures...

and then when you pulled it out of the closet to wear again, it was too short...

Well that is what happened here but then I decided to try it with our Swanky Baby Vintage Cream Leggings and since it is now the length of a tunic, it worked great.  These leggings are now $12.75 and ship free at One Good Thread.  They have these leggings left in every size, I am not sure why because we love the quality of these leggings, they are thick and hold up well in the wash, so at $12.75 with free shipping are a steal.

Please excuse the quality of the photography of my last 2 photos, while at our son's basketball game last night, I decided what a great blog post this would make (lol at where my mind travels to all the time...)

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