Friday, March 22, 2013

Adorable Stephen Joseph Beach Bags at Fickle Baby

Easter is almost here and I like to put things in Gabby's Easter Basket, other than candy...

So, I was sitting at work the other day, checking out Facebook (yes, we all do it) when my friend, store owner of Fickle Baby, posted this adorable Stephen Joseph Beach Bag, I decided immediately that I must have one for Gabby's Easter Basket (and just maybe she will actually carry her own beach toys this year, since I am usually carrying her stuff, my stuff, the chairs, towels and cooler)...

...after all they are only $22.  I went with the pink/yellow fish.

They also have this dolphin, for all the dolphin lovers

And the shark (pictured above) for the little fellas.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the bag included a few beach toys.

I also LOVE that the back of the bag is mesh so that we can leave the sand at the beach

Fickle Baby also has a few cute accessories to match the bags, water bottles for $5 or hats for $18.

These are not available on the website, you can call the store at 903-581-2798 or contact them on their Facebook Page.

Now that we have our super cute beach gear we are just waiting for the warm weather to get here!!

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