Friday, June 29, 2012

Today is a scorcher - so what to wear...

Well, if you are reading this today, it is probably blazing hot where you are.  The heat can make picking out and outfit hard but I love Lemon Loves Lime for a super hot day.  The fabric is so soft and airy, I wish they made adult clothes.  Given the heat, Gabby has been wearing a lot of Lemon Loves Lime this week.  Our favorite is the Signature Tee and Ruffle Skirt.  We bought this at Addy's Closet as a pre-order (it was one of those that I had to have) but they still have some Lemon Loves Lime left so you can be lucky and grab it on sale.  The shirt has amazing detail and they also make matching hair pieces.

Earlier in the week we wore this Lemon Loves Lime short set from the spring 2011 line, one I picked up on clearance at and end of season sale.  I usually have a hard time getting Gabby to wear shorts or pants because she says they are for boys, but we didn't have a problem with these shorts.  The ruffles make them girly enough for her. If you haven't bought Lemon Loves Lime before, you should try it now while it is on sale.  Check out Addy's Closet as well as the other stores listed in the "Where I Shop" tab for some end of summer deals on Lemon Loves Lime.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Say hello to the newest addition to the What Gabby Wore Today Family

Today we welcome the newest addition to the What GabbyWore Today Family, my niece, Gabby's cousin Reese J., born June 22, 2012.  For all of you with baby fever this means YES, we will also start to feature some infant fashions as well.

So, what did Gabby wear for such a special ocassion?  Well Persnickety, of course...

Gabby has on the Persnickety pink stripe LouLou, matching pink stripe tutu and the yellow Livie & Lucas that we love so much.

All of the Persnickety Line is currently on sale for 35% off, so I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you about the exclusive free shipping coupon code offer on any size order from Smart and Sassy Looks that expires on June 30.  The code is Kami (must use a capital K)

Here are a few other Persnickety outfits in our closet, most of which are still available and on sale.

 If you are interested in any of these sets, check out the stores listed on the right under the "Where I shop" tab.

Friday, June 22, 2012

10% off Coupon Code for you from my friends at The Frilly Frog

My friends at The Frilly Frog have partnered with me to offer all of you an additional 10% off in stock sale and regular priced merchandise with coupon code Gabby (must use a capital G), good thru June 30.  Please note coupon code cannot be used on Fall Pre-Orders.  Plus, shipping is free on orders over $100.  Here are a few of the great finds:

Lilly Pulitzer is one of my favorite brands at The Frilly Frog and we already have this fabulous Yoga Suit (pick up the cute Anita G Pink s/s top to go with this).  This Yoga Suit was originally $126, it is on sale for $63 and with an additional 10% off, you can get this for $56.70!!  Also check out all the in stock Lilly Dresses.

Another great Lilly Selection is this swimsuit.  Originally $48, on sale for $24 and 10% off makes it $21.60.  There are several other swimsuits to choose from as well.

Another brand, which is a new one for me is, Sam and Sydney.  There is tons of this in stock on the website but the dress I am eyeing with the coupon code is this Butterfly Applique Dress, regular price $39, on sale for $20, with our coupon code this becomes $18!!!

The last outfit I am going to feature is this Flamingo Capri Set by The Baileys Boys.  I wish they still had this in a 4 so that I could get one for Gabby for next spring.  The original price of this set was $64, it is on sale for $32, with coupon code Gabby, you can snag this last size 3T for $28.80.
Do you have an upcoming baby shower?  If so, don't forget to check out the Little Giraffe products available at The Frilly Frog.  These are the best baby blankets and gifts.  We received one blanket from a dear friend as a shower gift and now have 3 blankets, 1 sleeping bag and 4 pillows.  They are the only blankets and pillows Gabby will sleep with.  We will be getting their newest product, the Little G stuffed Giraffe soon.  In case you are wondering, yes these are the same blankets that you have seen Suri Cruise carrying around with her.

The Frilly Frog also carries Persnickety Clothing, Sun-San Sandals and does custom monogramming.  Check out the website for some great deal and if you don't find what you need or want on the website call the store at 864-223-7886.  I usually call to see what Laura Dare Pajamas are on sale.  Happy Shopping and remember that coupon code is not valid on fall pre-orders and expires on June 30.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I bought all of this for $66 from My Little Jules...

Armed with $85 in my paypal account (which has been burning a hole in my virtual pocket since last night), I went online this morning in search of a DEAL and I found several at My Little Jules.  I bought ALL of this for $66 (well $65.70).  Important coupon code details will be at the end so continue reading.

So, this is some of what Gabby will be wearing next spring/summer:

First outfit is this Kate Mack All A Flutter Tutu Skirt & Butterfly Top.  Original price for the outfit was $80 and is currently on sale for $56 (since I only spent $66, you obviously need the coupon code).

The second outfit I bought was this Festive Flutter Dress in Rainbow Sherbet by Swanky Baby Vintage.  The original price of this dress was $44 and it is on sale for $24.20.  I did want matching leggings, so that we could also use this in the spring, My Little Jules was sold out of Gabby's size, so I hopped on over to One Good Thread to buy them (also on sale with free shipping).

Next, I bought this Cotton Kids Bunny Dress on sale for $21.50, original price was $42.  This will be our first dress by this brand but I thought it would be cute for Day Care / Pre-School around Easter and for that price, I don't have to worry if it gets stained...

Lastly, I bought these Kate Mack Brown Leggings for $9, original price was $18.  I needed them to match a dress I already have for the fall.

So, how did I get all of this for $66?  Well, My Little Jules has several current coupon codes, that expire today (June 19 at 11:59 pm EST), so you need to hurry.  You can receive $20 off a $100 purchase with code Summer20, $50 of a $200 purchase with code Summer50, $105 off a $300 purchase with code Summer105 or $175 off a $500 purchase with code Summer175 (as always with sales some exclusions apply).  So my original sale total was $110.70, using coupon code Summer20, it took my total down to $90.70, still more than I wanted to spend...  BUT, then I remembered that I had My Little Jules Rewards points (you receive 5% of the purchase price on every order in rewards points), so I checked my account and I had over 500 points (I have never redeemed any) so by redeeming 500 points, I received another $25 off, bringing my grand (well not so grand) total to $65.70 and I qualified for Free Shipping!  Even if you do not have rewards points to redeem, the sale is still great and you can start earning points toward your next purchase.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Persnickety on a Small Town Friday Night...

It has been a busy week.  I haven't posted very much, as I have been busy improving my blog.  In case you haven't noticed, I have 2 new tabs in the sidebar, one with links to my favorite stores and the other with special offers for you (which I hope to have more offers added soon).

So on with What Gabby Wore Today...

Being that it is Friday night, I usually like to go out to a nice dinner.  Tonight, I was not feeling the chain vibe and wanted to try something different and relaxing, so we went to a local BBQ joint (not really my thing, if you know me).  We ate outside and there was a great local band playing.  Much to my surprise we had a great night.  Since most Southern people will tell you that a Yankee like me is not fit to write about the BBQ, I will stick to What Gabby Wore.

Being that it was an outdoor BBQ joint, we had to go casual, but not too casual.  Gabby wore this Persnickety Clothing Company outfit from the Spring 2011 Line.  Based on the number of times Persnickety makes an appearance in my blog, you should be able to guess that is is one of, if not, our most favorite brand.  For shoes Gabby wore Fuchsia Satin Bow L'Amour Flip Flops from La Bambolina (they are in Louisiana but you can find them on Facebook and yes, we have packages that arrive from everywhere...)

 As you can tell from the pics, my little model did not want to cooperate tonight...

A few more pics from the evening.

 Getting ready to go in Daddy's convertible, had to take our Little Giraffe Blanket in case it got too cold.

Dancing to the band playing in the middle of a field...

While eating on a picnic table...

That is the way it is done here in small town, North Carolina, but a least Gabby's outfit was perfect

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Do you have a little Ballerina? If so, you need this dress by Dollcake

This is our first Dollcake dress and it was instant love for Gabby when it arrived on Tuesday from One Good Thread.  She wanted to wear it immediately and even though it should not be a "day care" dress, it is for today.  Gabby was beyond excited to wake up and get dressed for the day, which is usually one of our biggest struggles every morning.  She has named this her "Ballerina Girl" Dress.  The Dollcake slogan is "Oh~So~Girly" and that is so true.  This dress is so soft and simple but also girly, adorable and affordable at $40.   

Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Clearance Sale Find, Mustard Pie at My Little Jules

Think you can't get these looks on a budget?  You couldn't be more wrong...

The fact is, most of Gabby's clothes are clearance sale finds and now is the time to start looking for next spring/summer.  The key to clearance sale shopping is to not fall in love with outfits and buy as soon as they come out, just wait until mid-season and buy what is left in a size larger than you are currently in.  You may get bitten by a growth spurt but you can always re-sell on Facebook or Ebay, usually for more than you paid, if that happens.  We all have our "must have" brands and are dying when the items become available or even before they are available and pre-order, so buy a few to get your fix and wait on the rest.  Your toddler will never know that she is wearing last year's outfit...

Today, Gabby wore this Top & Skirt by Mustard Pie purchased at My Little Jules.  I don't remember exactly what I paid for it but it was a fraction of the original cost and is still TDF cute, even though it was "last year's" outfit.  My Little Jules also offers a rewards program so every item you buy earns you credit toward a future purchase (and YES you even earn rewards for shopping clearance items).  Also, as a first time customer you can get an additional 10% off using the coupon code welcome.    Head on over to their site and check out the SALE section, there is even a $15 and under section.

Today's shoes are Livie & Luca Sandals (again).  I just love this brand and as I have said before you can't go wrong with them.  As with our other pairs, we bought these at One Good Thread.  You can get these on sale and with Free Shipping from One Good Thread (no code required for free shiping) or Smart and Sassy Looks with coupon code Kami for free shipping

Friday, June 8, 2012

Character Clothing Done Right by Misha Lulu

I hate character clothing.  Did I say I hate it?  More like I despise it, can't stand it, find it tacky, etc.  On the other hand, 3 year olds LOVE character clothing...  So, when I saw the Hello Kitty by Misha Lulu line I was thrilled!!  I actually found a line of character clothing I could more than tolerate, I could love!

Today Gabby wore the Hello Kitty by Misha Lulu "Sailor" Dress (well she called it the Hello Kitty Pirate Dress but its all the same).
Honestly, I have had a love / hate relationship with this dress.  When I first saw it, I loved it and had to have it, so I pre-ordered it (yes, you can do that to make sure you get something you have to have) but when it arrived the sizing was way off.  Misha Lulu comes in even sizes only, so I ordered a 4 for my very small 3, almost 4, year old (40 inches, 31 lbs) and when the size 4 arrived, it was TINY, I could not even get it on her kind of tiny.  I called my retailer for this item, Chi at One Good Thread, and luckily she had a size 6 left and was kind enough to let me exchange it.  So, if you need this dress, you must size up!!

This dress required the perfect matching shoe and I found these Red Livie & Luca Celestina Shimmer Sandal.  You can never go wrong with Livie & Luca Shoes.  Gabby has 5 pairs for Spring/Summer and they are the best.  The leather is so soft and they hold up really well to scuffing from concrete and playground equipment.

If you want this look, both of these items are still available during the One Good Thread Clearance Sale.  Here is the link to the details of the sale (One Good Thread Coupon Code).  Not only are these items already marked down, you can get an additional $10, $25, $40 or even whopping $75 off your total purchase with the coupon code. Check it out and here are a few other Hello Kitty By Misha Lulu outfits in our collection.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

God really wanted me to have these pants...

Last week I challenged myself to not buy anything for 2 weeks.  If you are following my blog, you realize that I was not successful.  I only made it about 8 hours, considering I was at work for 6 of those 8 hours, one could say I failed miserably...

When I got home from work, in an effort to stay off my computer and not buy anything, I decided I would organize Gabby's fall stash and see what I needed once my buying freeze was over.  I am an outfit person, every top has a bottom, every bottom has a top and every dress or tunic has leggings or tights.  I became very uneasy when I ran across this Mini Boden Tunic in Gabby's stash, that I bought at the Mini Boden End of Season Sale and realized I did not have any leggings to wear with it.  I mean it is June after all and come October (ya know like 4 months from now) we will really NEED leggings.
It was getting to be Gabby's bedtime, so I got the stuff put away, got her in bed and came downstairs to get on Facebook, not to shop but to catch up with my Mini Boden Mama Friends in our little "secret" group.  It is not just about shopping, they are all some of my online besties now.  Anyway, I go to the group and wouldn't you know it, someone had just posted MY PANTS!  The ones that I had to have to match this tunic and they were in the size we needed as well...

But, I was under this self-imposed buying freeze.  What to do, what to do, yes I struggled with it, for all of about 30 seconds, when I decided it was meant to be, fate, God wanted me to have these pants or they wouldn't have been there so readily available for me.
The pants arrived in the mail today (read my post from May about the mail and look for my upcoming post about the Mailman being better than Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny according to Gabby) and now we have this super cute outfit for fall.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Proud to bring you my first offer, Free Shipping from Smart and Sassy Looks

So earlier in the week I wrote about the importance of Free Shipping when online shopping.  Today I received a phone call from the owner of Smart and Sassy Looks ( with an exclusive offer for my readers.  This is the first time this has happened to me so I am super excited to bring this to you.  For the month of June, Smart and Sassy Looks will be offering free shipping on any order with coupon code Kami (must use a capital K when entering the promo code). 

There are several items on sale for spring/summer and my favorite CLEARANCE for fall/winter.  Here are a few of the great deals available:

Livie & Luca Sandals, regular price $48, sale price $30.  Many other styles and colors are available.  We have several (like 5) pairs of Livies for spring and you can't go wrong with this brand, especially at this price. On a side note, resale on this brand is fantastic, so you can almost wear these for free considering you can sell them for $25 next spring.

Another fabulous shoe brand on sale at Smart and Sassy look is Joyfolie.  These Charlotte in Metallic Cream peep toes were originally $52 and are currently on sale for $40.  This is a great and versatile shoe, Gabby has a pair and wears them all the time and we wore them for Easter with this Persnickety Clothing Company Dress Picnic Dress (also on sale at Smart and Sassy Looks originally $72 on sale for $48).  Second side note, come January you would have no problem re-selling this dress for at least $40, so in the long run this dress would cost you a total of $8.

These deals are all great but for me now is the time to stock up on fall/winter items at STEAL prices.  First is this Misha Lulu Hello Kitty Red Jumper.  The original price was $72 and is now $39.  Pair with a cream or black L/S top and leggings to make a TDF outfit. We already have this in our fall stash and I can't wait for Gabby to wear it.
My second steal is this 2 piece set by Mustard Pie (which surprise surprise I already have this in my stash as well). It was originally $106 and is on clearance for $53.

Lastly, I can't think of a better time to buy a winter coat than right now.  Today, with our exclusive free shipping code, I bought this Corky & Company winter jacket for $50.50, original price was $101.  I am told this runs big so there is no need to size up on this to fit comfortably over clothes.  And, they making adorable matching 18 inch doll jackets :)

These are only a few of the great finds at Smart and Sassy looks right now. Don't forget promo code Kami for Free Shipping on any order.