Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Give Custom Wall Art by Michelle Raye a try!

I usually (always write about clothes) but today we are changing things up, with something new and super cool that I just discovered...

Over the past few weeks, I have been transforming our guest bedroom into a playroom for Gabby (which is why I haven't been writing very much, it has been keeping me super busy after work).  I have been agonizing about what to do for artwork for the walls.  I didn't want family pictures, or regular boring artwork.  I wanted something creative, playful and fun that would work well with the art that Gabby creates at her art table that we then hang on her art display. That is when I stumbled upon Michelle Rayes Designs, and my problem was solved.  She is a facebook friend of mine that I B/S/T and chat with, but I didn't know she was such a creative, little computer artist!! Here are a few examples of her computer artwork.  You can use these for a playroom or themed bedroom.

As I was perusing her page, I also discovered that she can make custom birthday party invites.  I am so non-creative that I buy pre-packaged, lame, invites from Wal-Mart and fill them out by hand (yes, I know, I suck) but now that I have found these, next year Gabby will have awesome, custom birthday invites.

She can also make you a grown up piece of family artwork, using your names, children's names, birth dates, anniversary dates, etc  (hint:  these would make a great Christmas gifts for Parents or the ever hard to buy for Grandparents)

Or, you can get one of these for the sports fan in your life

Lastly, with the holidays coming, it is time to look for teacher gifts...  So, I saw this on her page and thought it was a super cute idea

This is inexpensive, original, creative, custom and fun!!  You can have a piece of custom artwork made, size 16x20, and emailed to you for $17 and then you can have it printed by which ever photo service you use to print your digital photos (not sure where else, you can get custom artwork for $17).  If you select a design she has already created, then the cost goes down to $12.  The cost to create a custom birthday invite is $7, which is emailed to you and then you can print at home on cardstock (seriously, this is cheaper than the lame, pre-packaged ones that I have been buying...).  Teacher gifts are 8x10 size and cost $7 (being that they are 8x10 you can also print them at home).

If you are interested, you can order on her Facebook Page.  She is a super, nice mom, that I have gotten to know over the last year and will do a fantastic job for you!

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